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New York Rangers: Is Brad Richards the Following New York Ranger Captain

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In the course of the free company period, it was created apparent that John Tortorella and Brad Richards have a history with each other. Brad Richards spent some beneficial time under Tortorella in Tampa Bay, eventually major them to a Stanley Cup Championship. http://www.blackhawkswinterclassicshop.com/14-Bobby_Orr_Winter_Classic_Jersey Richards also did earn a minor added hardware to location on his mantle, winning the Conn Smythe trophy. Is this any indication that Brad Richards is the front runner in the Ranger&rsquos captaincy race?

Roughly two months ago, Ryan Callahan appeared to be a positive compose in for the Rangers&rsquo captaincy. Although when asked June 30th, before Richards&rsquo arrival, about the captaincy situation, Coach John Tortorella stated &ldquoI think those http://www.blackhawkswinterclassicshop.com/21-Clark_Griswold_Winter_Classic_Jersey decisions will come about come camp. We&rsquoll have our talks, we&rsquoll see. Maybe our group adjustments a lot more this summer, along the way&rdquo. That leads us to believe that there may possibly be a bit of a controversy in the functions.

As all Blueshirt faithful need to bear in mind, the Rangers did pay out a massive contract to a sought soon after totally free agent and then gave him the &ldquoC&rdquo. This Ranger then went on to be known as &ldquothe Captain&rdquo of New York and delivered a Stanley Cup Championship after a fifty-4 year drought. This Ranger went by the title of Mark Messier. His quantity eleven, on January 12, 2006 and was raised to the rafters of Madison Square Backyard and is in its rightful area.

As it at present stands, Ryan Callahan, http://www.blackhawkswinterclassicshop.com/43-Patrick_Sharp_Winter_Classic_Jersey Marc Staal, and Brad Richard&rsquos are the Rangers&rsquo options for the prestigious title. Even even though Ryan Callahan may have earned the captaincy with his play last year, Richards has been a confirmed leader every single city in which he has played. All the Rangers fan can really hope for, is for the following captain to carry some of that Messier magic.
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