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Predicting 5 Difficulty Spots for the Chicago Bears in 2013

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Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery was a occupied guy this offseason.

He brought in a new coaching staff, invested some income on the offense, said goodbye to some key veterans and brought in a ton of new faces on the roster.

Like it or not, this is his blueprint of how the http://www.bearsfansstoreonline.com/Charles_Tillman_Jersey Chicago Bears ought to search&mdasha crew that would like to commence quick on offense and seem fairly comparable on defense. The Bears will emphasis on defending their quarterback and give other teams a more athletic appear on defense.

No staff in the NFL is with no its holes. Even the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens had holes http://www.bearsfansstoreonline.com/Jay_Cutler_Jersey when they hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy in New Orleans earlier in the yr.

The place are the Bears' issue spots? Right here are 5 areas the team could struggle in following season.
  • Октябрь 7 2014 at 06:21 am

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